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Периодът на изпълнение е 16 месеца - от 16.09.2016 г. до датата на приключване 16.01.2018 г.
Проектът е по сключен административен договор с МТСП под номер BG05M9OP001-1.003-0567-C01 от 16.09.2016 г. и е на обща стойност 93 060,36 лева, от които 79 101,32 лева са с осигурено финансиране от ЕСФ, а националното финансиране възлиза в размер на 13 959,04 лева.

About us

“LeNoBg” Interior Textile Boutiques are designed to satisfy customers' requirements for high-quality home textiles with beautiful designs, in pleasant shades to transform their home and bring freshness and elegance to it. As a direct importer, the company offers to its customers unique products of famous brands and has been operating on the Bulgarian market for more than 15 years. Here you will find wonderful solutions for curtains, nets, upholstery, blinds, curtain rails and rods, bedspreads, cushions and decorative elements. We work with extreme attention to detail and individual approach to the customer.

You can find us at:
№3 „Georgi Benkovski“ Street, Varna, Bulgaria
№25 „Georgi Benkovski“ Street, Varna, Bulgaria,

write to us on:;,

to call:
+359 878 914 815
+359 878 148 730
+359 879 941 801
+359 878 162 673,

or browse our web site: